• Now is the time to desex your pet!

    Feb 11 2021

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    Take advantage of our limited-time desexing offers. From now until 31st of March we have desexing specials for both dogs and cats. Book Online *Terms and conditions: * Please make…

  • My Flea Bag!

    Nov 18 2019

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    We have solutions for all your pet’s flea problems.  We also have a very exciting new service which we are offering. Introducing… MY FLEA BAG It’s pretty simple: 1. You…

  • Bella the not so itchy dog!

    Oct 21 2019

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      Bella is an 8.5 year old Miniature Schnauzer. Last Spring she developed itchy skin which had a tendency to become infected and required frequent antibiotic treatment. Luckily for Bella,…

  • Lilybit’s Bad Week

    Aug 13 2019

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    Lilybit is a beautiful 5 year old Tonkinese. Last week, Lilybit’s Mum (Rebecca) noticed her eating something that was not normal – a Chux dishcloth! By the time Rebecca discovered…

  • Is your pet getting older?

    Aug 02 2019

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    We all want our beloved pets to live long, healthy lives. After all, most of us can’t imagine our days without them. The good news: These days pets are living longer.…

  • Fleas! Fleas! Fleas!

    Sep 18 2018

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    Why do we need to keep fleas under control? Fleas are not only annoying for your pet, they are also potentially dangerous to them. Fleas will bite your pet and…

  • kiwi pet owners don’t do this – do you?

    Aug 08 2018

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    Ali picked up Pretzel, the ginger 8 month old kitten for a cuddle. She also put him down pretty smartly – his breath smelt really bad! Out came the cat…

  • Ewe and love actually

    Jul 14 2018

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    Mary is getting organised for a big event! Flossie is due to give birth and Mary is super excited. She has vaccinated Flossie with 5-in-1 and is checking her every…

  • Why is Flossie excited?

    Jun 27 2018

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    Flossie is feeling excited because in a few weeks her lambs will be born. Nothing beats the sight of her cute little lambs playing in the paddock alongside the other…

  • What are you doing in June?

    Jun 13 2018

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    Every morning, Annie gets up, has a quick cup of coffee, puts on her warmest clothes and drives along to the park entrance where she feeds a colony of around…