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You may be unaware that you can insure your pet just like you do your car.   You may also be unaware of the specific benefits of having pet insurance.  The reality is that some time in your pet’s life you may have to face a decision regarding their care that may come down to a decision between financial stability and your pet’s life.  Having insurance means that you can focus on your pet and not the cost at what may be a difficult time.  It may also be the difference in being able to seek more veterinary care options for a favourable outcome or not.

Some overlooked reasons to have pet insurance may include reward money if your pet was stolen, payment for kennels if you  were hospitalised or perhaps a 3rd party claim if your dog injured someone.  Even though your fur baby is a big part of your family they do not, unfortunately get free care or are they covered by ACC.

There are several Pet Insurance providers with differing policies we suggest you have a look through or even get quotes as there are various policy options.  If you have a breed whereby insurance may not be straight forward then check with the provider if your pet would be covered for specific breed related and health illnesses.

Pet Plan and Southern Cross other off free puppy and kitten insurance for 4 or 6 weeks from the time they are 8 weeks old which is when they have their first vaccination and health check, we can sign your pet up for you instantly at reception.   Once your pet ends his or her free cover age threshold your selected provider can help you to convert this free over to a covered  policy which best suits your pet.   Be sure to ask one of ou knowledgeable, friendly staff for more information.

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