Welcome to Town and Country Veterinary Services

Town and Country Veterinary Services has a dedicated companion animal clinic based in Drury Village. With a team of 3 vets we offer the boutique services allowing our staff to build a relationship with the owner and animals. 

Town and Country Vets have been a long standing business in the Drury community and have watched as the area has develop. We are welcoming to new clients from the surrounding subdivision to join our clinic and start building a personal relationship with staff.

Appointments are required so please phone 09 294 8779 or book online above. 

Covid 19 Level 3 

Due to the current government announcement, our clinic is returning to Alert Level 3.

Our clinic has now implemented contactless protocols

This means:
1. The clinic door is now locked
2. All appointments including food and medication pickups must phone the clinic on arrival. Please do not just walk up to the front door.
3. Clients must call on arrival from their vehicle or outside the clinic
4. A team member will come and collect your pet from the agreed location outside the clinic
5. The consultation will be held over the phone with your Veterinarian
6. Payment for your consultation (or food/medication pick up) must be contactless. We are excepting credit card /  Eftpos payments over the phone. If you chose to pay via internet banking this must be done within 48 hours of the invoice.
7. Your pet and any medication/food will be returned to the agreed location

If you have any questions or unsure, please phone one of our staff on 09 294 8779 or you can alternatively email reception@druryvets.co.nz

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time as we try our best to care for your pets in a safe and thoughtful way.

We will continue to enforce strict infection control measures for all team members to ensure the safety of everyone.

All the best everyone and take care.

Note: Puppy Preschool will not be held while Auckland is in level 3. The clinic will contact you with a new date once we have more information.  If you have any questions please phone reception on 09 294 8779. 

Town and Country Vets Desex Promo 2021

Take advantage of our 2021 Desex promo before the 31st March. 








 Cat and Dog Bundle Deals Include                     
  • Desexing                                                                 
  • One Vaccination 
  • Microchip and National Database 
  • Free Revolution treatment for cats and a Free Simparica for dogs 
  • Free Drontal worming tablet  
  • Plus a goody bag for you to take home

To secure your spot now give one our team a call on 09 294 8779

Online Orders are finally hear

Town and Country take pride in continuously trying to add new products and services into the business to benefit our clients. 

Throughout our 2020 lock downs, we noticed a huge increase in clients enjoying the flexibility of online ordering. We have listened,  and have taken on board this exciting information, now making it a part of our day to day service.

Visit the link below to see what we have available for you online. From here you can decided on getting you items delivered to your front door for a quick and easy experience. 

Simple click on the tab above or go to https://shop.druryvets.co.nz/

As we are always looking for ways to update our clients experience, we would like to hear any feedback or suggestions by emailing us at reception@druryvets.co.nz

Senior Wellness Promotion 2020 – Extended 

As we have seen not all older animals start showing signs of old age at a certain time, so Town and Country Vets have extended the Senior Wellness Program to run all year. 

As dogs and cats get older, they need more attention and special care. Diagnosing diseases and certain conditions early is important throughout a pet’s life, but it becomes even more critical when your dog or cat enters his or her senior years. The risks of Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hormone Disorders, and Kidney and Liver problems all increase with age. In addition, dogs and cats may not show any signs of even serious diseases until they are advanced.

Senior status varies depending on your pet’s breed and size. Smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger dogs, and cats generally live longer than dogs. We can help you determine what life stage your pet is in.

What our Senior Wellness Plan involves:

  • Prior to appointment – personalised questionnaire for your pet.
  • Head to tail physical examination.
  • Comprehensive blood testing in house. 
  • Veterinary interpretation and recommendations. 
  • Goody bag for your pet. 
  • Town and Country Vet voucher book with amazing deals and discounts!
  • Brochure for summary of findings and follow up plans.  
  • Enter in the draw to win a special hamper for your furry friend. 

My Flea Bag

We know how difficult it can be to de-flea your pets on time, so we have My Flea Bag to help you. It is simple, you fill in the form, and for no extra cost we send you your flea treatments in time to keep your pets flea free and healthy. For more info take a look here

Location Hours
8:00am – 6:00pm
8:00am – 6:00pm
8:00am – 6:00pm
8:00am – 8:00pm
8:00am – 6:00pm
Only our nurse team will be available on Wednesdays
During these hours, please phone to make an appointment. In the case of an emergency we will see you immediately.

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257 Great South Road
Auckland 2247

Phone: 09 294 8779