Flea and Worming

We have a range of high quality safe and effective treatments to protect your pet against fleas, ticks, worms and other parasites. These include topical and oral liquid treatments, long lasting Seresto collars and palatable tablets. Our friendly knowledgable reception staff are there to give advice that is appropriate for your situation and pet.

As pets can be re-infected from many sources in and around your home regular treatment is essential to control parasite numbers.

No one likes a flea infestation in the house! Hence why keeping up to date is so important. We keep in stock a wide range of treatments to help personalise your method and fit around your schedule to make this as an easy process. These products include Simparica, Seresto, Bravecto (spot on and oral), Broadline, Revolution and Revolution+ for cats. They come in a range of variations, some are in a topical form and some will be an oral treatment. 

Worms often reinfest in our furry friends due to hunting and ingestion of infected animals, multi cat/dog households through faecal contamination, uncontrolled flea prevention when grooming and ingesting of the flea itself. Keeping up to date with a regular regime can help prevent these situations from occurring. Our top two selling worm treatments we have in stock is Milpro. These treatments involve the prevention of Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Lungowrm and Tapeworm.These can affect the gastorintesial and respiratory tract. 

Unsure about the worming schedule? Here is the run down as it can get quite confusing! 

For puppies and kittens, the recommendation is to worm them from 0-12 weeks old every two weeks. Once they reach 3 months old your pet requires a treatment each month until they reach 6 months old. From this age they need to be treated every 3 months to prevent worm infestation. 

If you need help and assistance to tablet your animal, you are welcome to book in a time at the clinic for the nurse to do this for you and also teach you some top tricks if you are unsure of the process! 

We also know that life can be busy and these due dates can be missed, hence why you may get text message reminders as we like to set them for each pet to make this easy for you to keep on top of. 

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