Jul 14 2018

Ewe and love actually

Mary is getting organised for a big event! Flossie is due to give birth and Mary is super excited.

She has vaccinated Flossie with 5-in-1 and is checking her every day as lambing often happens on the coldest, wettest day of the year, so ensuring Flossie is safe and well fed is imperative!

Mary’s lambing kit is ready so she goes through it preparing herself:

  • If Flossie struggles to feed her lambs or rejects one, it’s critical Mary gets colostrum into them within their first 48 hours (colostrum is Flossie’s initial milk containing protective antibodies). Mercifully Mary knows she can buy colostrum from us, she doesn’t have to try milking Flossie!
  • Once Flossie’s lambs are 2-3 weeks old, it’s essential Mary docks their tails (reduces flystrike) which she can do at home with a docking ring, and vaccinate them with a lamb vaccine called Tetanus Antitoxin, which she can buy from us.
  • If Flossie rejects a lamb, it’s necessary Mary begins bottle feeding it. Mary has a bottle, a new teat and lamb milk powder on hand and knows it’s vital to keep the bottle extremely clean and hygienic to keep the lamb healthy.
  • If any of Flossie’s lambs get scours (diarrhoea), it’s important Mary get fluids into them as soon as possible to prevent dehydration. Mary has some electrolyte solution on hand and knows to mix it with warm water to use as a meal replacer. She also knows scours can be fatal so if it continues she needs to bring us a faecal sample to analyse, so we can identify the precise bacteria and recommend the best treatment.
  • Once Flossie’s lambs are around 40 days old and about 15kg, Mary knows they’re ready to be weaned off milk. But she also knows they need to be eating solid food for a minimum of 10 days before being completely weaned.

In stock for you:

  • Colostrum
  • Docking rings
  • Tetanus Antitoxin vaccine
  • Bottles and teats
  • Lamb milk powder
  • Electrolyte solution

Extra support for you:

If you want advice, product, or to book an appointment to bring your lamb in, call us on 09 294 8779.

If you want an onsite visit for sheep with lambing problems call our sister practice (just down the road from us) Veterinary Associates Equine & Farm on 09 294 7307.

Remember, Flossie knows what she’s doing, so do we and now you do too!

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