Sep 18 2018

Fleas! Fleas! Fleas!

Why do we need to keep fleas under control?

Fleas are not only annoying for your pet, they are also potentially dangerous to them.

Fleas will bite your pet and make them very itchy. Sadly, they take up residence and breed there too. Fleas will lay eggs which drop into the environment (yes, that is in your carpet and on your furniture!) The larvae then hatch and feed on particles of food in the environment. They then spin a cocoon and become a pupa. These pupae hide in dark, warm areas and can stay alive for 2 years. Once the conditions are right, the pupae hatch into fleas which hop onto your pet and the whole cycle starts again.

If left untreated on the pet and in the environment, your pet can suffer from:

  • Flea allergic dermatitis
  • Tapeworm infestation
  • Bacterial skin disease
  • Anaemia from blood loss, particularly in very small puppies and kittens which are heavily infested.

On the up side, we are able to eliminate fleas from our environments and keep our pets safe.

We have topical, oral, collar and spray on treatments. We even have treatments that you only need to apply twice a year (dogs only).  If you have any questions about fleas and how they affect your pet, please come into the clinic and we can get you started on a treatment programme to keep your pet and your home flea free.


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